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I propose that we stop making children feel bad for being children, use positive encouragement, encourage them to do things that might be difficult and give them genuine support while doing those things.And let’s show them that it’s perfectly okay to get the help you need to thrive, whatever that help may be, even when that help comes in the shape of a little pill. This is probably one of the most demeaning and soul-destroying things that could happen to an 11 year old.I remember the day in grade six; I walked into school feeling extremely inadequate and different because I was now on Ritalin.I turned to the offender and asked, "Do you know your teacher takes Ritalin?

Some of my beloved students started openly admitting that they were on this pill.A pill which labelled me "stupid" or "not able to cope" – either way it was a huge knock at my self-esteem.My parents, being the kind, loving people they are, tried to convince me it would help me concentrate and improve my sporting ability, as my dream at this stage was to become a professional footballer, but they knew this was a futile attempt as I felt I had little value to offer.The boy who was being mocked asked in horror, "Really??” I explained to them that it helps me focus and concentrate better, it doesn't suddenly make me interested in learning everything, but it helps.

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Ari Poyurs is a 23 year old Jewish studies teacher at King David Sandton from South Africa.

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