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Mike Nader calls him “the Cary Grant of surfers,” adding, “Johnny Fain was the Mickey Rooney.” Acolytes were also struck by his dazzle—his wildly intelligent, if disjointed, sentences, combined with a lot of blowhard paranoia.

From the age of eight, the boy took care of the histrionic, perpetually inebriated woman.

Working as a host at Frascati restaurant and as a parking attendant at the then brand-new Beverly Hilton hotel in 1955 were just about the last real jobs anyone remembers him having. In a town of creamy opportunism, the thefts by which he supported himself were so small-time, high-risk, and potentially humiliating that they bespoke a cockeyed integrity.

He made the patently tacky petty theft a symbol of bravado and status envy.

He called an ambulance the time she slit her wrists, the time she took too much phenobarbital, and the time she removed a pierced earring by yanking it right through her earlobe.

One night Kay started gagging when she was eating, and Larry ran for a doctor, who, before pronouncing her dead, opened her mouth, removed a piece of steak from her windpipe, and told the sobbing boy, “Just so you know, kid, for the next time: this is how you can save someone’s life.”Larry slid his board into the station wagon next to Mike’s and Duane’s, and off the lost boys sped to their Nirvana—Malibu.

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“Surfing hedonist who became a hero to a generation of beach bums …

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