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Jim asked Luisa how she felt and Luisa said that last week was a first with us and she wasn't sure, but she would try it if everyone was in agreement.

However, Luisa said that her and John promised never to do anything alone, but with each other present.

I love getting my dick sucked and stroked by two hot girls at the same time, especially when they are squirters!

While the blond sucked my dick and licked my balls, her friend rubbed her twat and squirted all over my cock and her friend, fucking hot!

The four of us were making out as I saw my wife raise her body and then lower it into Jim, figuring he got his cock in her cunt.

I lifted my body out of the water and sat on the rim.

Over dinner, we talked about what happened last week.

Jim and Dawn said they had a great time as we said the same thing.

Then it was the blond’s turn to masturbate herself and she squirted pussy juices straight into the brunette’s open mouth and she drank them down like the sweetest elixir while munching on the blonde’s tender pussy.I came in Dawn twice and a third time as Luisa watched us up close and personal and shot my cum all over Dawn.If you are lucky, you will get to fuck a girl that squirts in your lifetime, so imagine my luck when I got to take part of the craziest squirting orgy in porn history with these two beautiful girls!After dinner and dessert, Jim invited us to join them in the hot tub and we accepted.I was the first to get naked followed by Luisa then Dawn and Jim.

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Dawn and Luisa looked marvelous having sex together.