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Regional fm araguari online dating

The rich fauna and cultural diversity found in Brazil, with many different species of animals being used for an extremely wide diversity of purposes by Amerindian societies (as well as the descendents of the original European colonists and African slaves), presents an excellent backdrop for examining the relationships that exist between humans and other animals.This work presents a historical view of ethnozoological research in Brazil and examines its evolution, tendencies, and future perspectives.a publication focused on the medicinal uses of reptiles was considered under the heading of zootherapy, and not ethnoherpetology.We recorded the location where the works were published, which allowed to identify their distribution according to biomes and regions where the studies were performed.].It must be noted, however, that when the first naturalists, colonists, and Jesuits arrived in the country in the 16th century they encountered an abundant, diversified and strange fauna waiting to be documented.

Historically, ethnozoological publications grew out of studies undertaken in academic areas such as zoology, human ecology, sociology and anthropology - reflecting the interdisciplinary character of ethnozoology.Only texts that had been published in scientific periodicals, books, or book chapters that considered human/faunal relationships were considered.Searches were made for articles available through international online databases such as Web of Science, Scopus, and Google Scholar as well as specific journal web sites.In the centuries that followed these first contacts, explorers, chroniclers and naturalists from many disciplines and many parts of Europe set out to describe this exotic cultural universe and the fantastic and unique natural world.These historical documents provided descriptions of the local fauna and described the hunting techniques employed by local natives in embryonic ethnozoological approaches.

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