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The attempted male rape only heightens the atrocity of this offense.Leviticus does forbid male-to-male sex as an "abomination." But the word simply means an impurity or a religious taboo like eating pork.As in the case of Catholics who used to be forbidden under pain of mortal sin to eat meat on Friday, the offense was not in the act itself but in the betrayal of one's religion.

And it can imply no ethical condemnation because in Romans God is said to act para physin.

Patrick Nidorf, OSA, first as a counseling group and then a support group in Los Angeles, Dignity USA has been a national organization since 1973.

An independent nonprofit group, our national office is in Washington, DC, with chapters located throughout the United States.

In local chapters, we worship openly with other GLBT and supportive Catholics, socialize, share personal and spiritual concerns, and work together on educational and justice issues.

Members gather at periodic regional meetings and biennial national conventions.


Homosexuals, like everyone else, should not suffer from prejudice against their basic human rights.

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