Wwf backlash 2001 online dating

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Wwf backlash 2001 online dating

Jericho began the match with a flurry of offense before Regal slowed him down and took over.

Jericho eventually made a comeback that culminated with him hitting the lionsault, but before he could go for a cover, the bell rang.

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With that said, let’s get to the matches: X-Factor def.

The Dudley Boyz This was a six-man tag team match, where Bubba Ray and D-Von teamed up with their runt of a brother, Spike.

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This event came at a very interesting time in the wrestling industry. The company was coming off the heels of what I considered to be greatest Wrestle Mania of all time in Houston, but more importantly, the ink was still drying on arguably the most important transaction in wrestling history — WWE’s purchase of World Championship Wrestling.

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That allowed X-Factor to overwhelm Bubba Ray, which culminated with Credible and X-Pax hitting him a double super kick to pick up the victory.