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Those things are the foundation of your six month relationship and the reason that you’re agonizing over this man who claims not to be your boyfriend. Not to negotiate for the title of girlfriend, but to fully understand why it’s so important for him to reject the title and the responsibilities when he’s already acting like a full boyfriend to you.

And I must say: it’s entirely possible that he’s acting in full integrity, letting you know that he’s afraid of hurting you, that he wants to go slow and choose wisely, and that he really does value you and your relationship. Make it clear that you’re trying to understand him and let him know that he wouldn’t have to do anything different, but that it would make you very happy if you could feel safe in knowing that he was your boyfriend.

I have known guys like this, and have to say I would not take Evan’s pro’s and cons view of the whole thing. Basically, this guy wants the “good bits” (or what he sees as the good bits) of being in a relationship, without what he considers the “bad bits”.

He wants the company, security, cuddles, sex, outings, phonecalls, meals together, weekend plans, but he doesn’t want the EMOTIONAL RESPONSIBILITY of being someone’s partner.

Dus appels, peren, potloden en wat al niet meer, Zendee is the place to be!

But I hope to lay out the pros and the cons for you so that you can make an informed decision on your own, okay?

Cons: One of my dating credos is “believe the negative, ignore the positive”.

People explained that a bit of jealousy showed that their partner cared, with most preferring a green eyed boyfriend to one who was less committed.

We’re all a little bit guilty of being jealous too, with two thirds of men and women admitting to experiencing the feeling themselves.

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